Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Ramsay Countdown 11 - Inspiration

    3 Peaks Training


It comes in many forms.

 I started on this running journey because I was with Sally as she birthed Louis in to the world in our downstairs room. In a pool. With no pain killers. It made me think, about lots of things. This was significantly different not only to how birth is represented in the media but also my own previous experience of birth and a hospital environment. It made me think.

I wondered what I might be capable of if Sally and her body mind could do this?
I wondered how much of what I was able to do was being underused?
I wondered if I could achieve great things, amazing things even, with the right application?


Alpe D'Huez long distance Tri, then an ironman. I was searching for my limits, not found them yet. Then a chance read of Born to Run - this coincided with me finding mountains to run in. Sally remembers me telling her wide eyed that I had heard of people who go running in the mountains with head torches, imagine!

My first Bob Graham recce will stay with me forever. Meeting up with two complete strangers and spending 8 hours running through snow capped mountains into darkness. A sunset unrivalled in my expereiences before or after, a magical scene of light and dark, of reds, yellows and oranges refelected, refined, constantly moving and it totally blew me away. I'm still chasing a sunset like it but if I never find one I have at least this one to call my own.

I remember Sally saying to me that her dad had commented  - either he'll think it's the hardest thing he's ever done or you'll have lost him! I think a bit of both but I would say that Sally and I have gained rather than lost anything in the process.


I've supported others for all three rounds, I've witnessed great feats of mental and physical strength. Of having the will to endure when there is nothing left, only to discover there is more left in there after all.

I'm supporting Sally in her attempt to run the Yorkshire Three Peaks and in the process seen her run up both Snowden and Ben Nevis and fix her sights firmly on Scafell Pike. From a standing start less than 12 weeks ago. Amazing.


Going to work with an amazing staff who give their all, day in, day out to provide for the children in their care. People willing to go the extra mile, not because they have to but because they want to. Because it matters. In spite of everything. It matters.


My friend and occasional running partner who summitted Everest. He dropped me on his winter Bob Graham going up Blencathra when I was supporting but still waited instead of running off in to the dark and snow - forcing me to raise my game on the comeback from injury and finish with him on schedule.

My friend who I supported on the Ramsay and the Paddy through hours of uncertainty and doubt (for him) knowing that I just needed to show the way and keep putting food in.


I like the quote below from Heile Gebrselassie - it starts with action, through belief and back in to action again. There are so many ways to be inspired by so many people for so many reasons but without doing anything about it that counts for nothing.

Look after yourself. Look after the details. Aim high, aim for further than you think is possible. Dream, and if you're going to dream - dream big.

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