Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Daddy scared, Daddy scared, Daddy pick me up,
The creature slowly turned around and fixed us with a look,
It's eyes burned brightly in the gloom, it's claws were long and sharp,
It's movements fast and blurred and silent in the quickening dark,
The chase is over, before the kill, a howl to freeze the blood,
A boy, a man and creatures all, were rooted where they stood,

Daddy scared, Daddy scared, Daddy pick me up,
No time to move or get away, I cannot bear to look,
Slowly creeping forwards now and sliding down the hill,
Moving ever closer scaring animals at will,
Now close enough to touch and see it's breathing in the air,
The boy pulls off his mask and smiles, a boy without a care,
A laugh, a smile, a friendly howl, the boy no more than ten,
Daddy scared, Daddy scared, Again! Again! Again!

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