Sunday, 24 July 2016


Ganesha and Arca the moose.

I'm setting off for a 3 day recce tomorrow so I've made a list - kit, food and outline plans. I used to forget things and that became annoying so I like making lists now. This is not a work list where things get added, prioritised, crossed out, put back on, moved up, moved down, moved off and moved on again before quickly becoming irrelevant. This is a static list, reassuring in its ability to impart all I will need to get the most out of the days ahead. It is not subject to change and although it is not rocket science it helps me plan ahead.

 I like plans as well, preferably with timings. If it can have boxes on to tick or schedule tines to compare to then so much the better.  I do rather obsess about the details prior to the rounds, knowing each target summit time, the time I did it when I recced and also how much ahead or behind I am overall. This recce will be no different and I will be comparing my times with at least 2 other schedules as I'm running. I've already posted to the Facebook page and got some useful advice on allowing more time for the leg 1 recce to allow for checking details on the way, which makes sense and means I will probably set off closer to half 4 than 6 but the end time remains the same. I'm aiming for a train ride back from Corrour station and need to be there by 21:20. 

Mondays run should be a gentle climb up a path to a support point followed by a 'round pace' visit to the last 3 summits, last time I was here it was dark for the last one and I want to do it again in daylight. I might not see much more mind you since the forecast is for cloudy summits and light rain. 

Wednesday I'm going to check out the access to the support point by the loch,  which is harder to get to and requires a bit of a walk - or on this occasion a bit of a bike ride on my cross bike. Potentially my 6 year old may camp there with his grandad on the round itself but I am increasingly finding information which means it may be too much for him on this occasion. I'll know for sure in a couple of days though.

This week so far I've been on a couple of gentle runs with Sally and a couple of steady hill climbs on my training hill, The Ellers, and spent most of the day today emptying drawers, hoovering, going to the tip and generally trying to make things tidy and ordered, not unlike my lists.

Ganesha, remover of obstacles, has been a useful point of reference.

 And Arca the moose? A nod to the fact that all the order and lists in the world are no use to anyone unless your having a bit of fun along the way. 

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