Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ramsay Countdown 16 - Let The Madness Commence!


One day. That's all it's been since I got back from Scotland.  One day.

Already I'm climbing the walls. This is where I must, must, must concentrate on not eating everything in sight. Mileage will drop now, as will feet of climb. I'm going to book a leg massage, go cycling, swimming, gentle loops running and a couple of short, sharp track sessions. But nothing that would warrant eating like I'm still running 50+ miles a week.

  It's only two weeks, it's only two weeks.

First on my list of things to do is contact the support and get my schedule in order. I'm enlisting the help of my daughter, shouting questions about how to add people and contact them through Facebook.  It is straight forward enough,  when you know how! I'm blown away by the support I have, the enthusiasm and the commitment of family, friends and strangers.  I have supported others and know how it feels to be part of the team, it's something you can't put in to words easily and perhaps that's how it should be. A common purpose shared by like minded people, something to aim for together that can not be achieved either alone or without preparation and even then that's only to get to the start.

So my next task is the schedule. I get out my recce times, a sample plan from the Internet (that has one summit missing and some questionable timings to say the least) and a couple of plans from other people (not Jasmine Paris though, breathe a sigh of relief support runners!)

First off I take the longest time scheduled on each plan and my notes for each summit and this gives me  24:35 - not really what I was looking for!
I adjust it where I can see obvious differences to my own times and get the far more reasonable 23:59. At this point it is perhaps worth pointing out that on my Paddy Buckley my first plan was for 23:49 and I finished in 23:48, albeit in shocking conditions.

I think the 23:59 plan will suit my purposes well. There is some give in it and scope for me to get ahead without pushing too hard and I think I can go under this given how I am feeling and the preparation I have had - this has worked as a strategy well for me previously and also it will be very easy to work out if I am ahead or behind 24 hours without having to do any tricky maths!

It's also only a minute longer than the time that Charlie Ramsay himself did the first time the round was completed.

Cutting it fine?

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