Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ramsay Countdown 17 - The Grey Corries

3 days of running 
Another day, another loop. This time the 4 summits left for me to visit, logistically I will miss out parts of two descents but I can live with that.

The day started clear and on every summit not only was I up on schedule time but I also had views! I started from Glen Nevis car park, up to Steall Falls then up and left to the first of the 4 I had left. From there it's ridge running finishing with a climb from a tarn up Stob Ban. Instead of descending on the Ramsay route I went the opposite way down the flattening top towards the river and where Nevis Water begins.

It was there I saw a herd (30+) of deer swarming,  jumping and generally running about next to the river far below.  As I descended alongside them they sped off into the distance.  Apart from 3, who stayed and were definitely watching me. I slowed down and checked my memory for things I know about deer. Not much. I know they get hunted, lots of other things I can think of that get hunted are dangerous.  I slow down a bit more. Given that I don't really like crossing a field with cows in, and don't get me started about horses, I don't really want a herd of deer heading my way at speed. I slow down a bit more and fall over for good measure. At this the deer decide to head off after the herd at speed and they leave a deer trail for me to follow to find the path, I catch a glimpse of them in the distance.

Then it rains. I eat the last of my food and pick up the pace for a strong finish to the van. I arrive grinning and know the hard yards are now done, time to head home, look after myself and sort the logistics.

The end - The beginning 

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