Saturday, 23 July 2016


21 days to go.
Beaver camp, house jobs, taxi service, logistics, training, self control, minor niggles, equipment checks, nutrition, work, holidays.
Daily update on the last minute preparation ahead of the day itself. As much for me as anyone else. Until yesterday I had forgotten I had a blog and I enjoyed reading back. 
Going Long is a book I return to in the run up to challenges like this, broadly speaking there's lots of useful information about training, tapering and peaking - including how not to eat so much you undo all the training you've already done in the few weeks left! The Death Zone is about climbing Everest in terrible conditions with tragic consequences, I've started it and it's quite a good read. A friend has recently climbed Everest so it's interesting now in a way it wouldn't have been before. That kind of puts my running over a few mountains in perspective.
21 days to go.

Morning coffee, taken at leisure before realising I had got the arrival time at Beavers camp wrong by half an hour!

Two nights away, independence comes early for Louis. 
Cute, but hard work.
Not part of my diet for training but left in front of me as a gift they stand no chance. Will power has taken a hammering in the last couple of days, I need to get it back in check sharpish! 

Also not in the plan is alcohol, but with 3 part finished bottles and a curry on the way this might as well be the last drink for a while.

So that's the scene set, 21 days left and plenty of things going on. More, or maybe less, tomorrow. 

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