Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ramsay Countdown 14 - Fun holiday stuff

Takes me back
I went for a short run this morning with Sally, it felt a lot better than yesterday and in bright morning sunshine with blue skies - lovely.

Then to my parent's house where Louis shared his pictures with my dad and Rupert was Rupert and in to everything. Out came the badminton set and happy memories for me of playing in the garden with my mum. This is what led to me representing Yorkshire and even an England team as a junior, lots of hard work by all concerned but very good fun and happy memories.

Happy and hard working, not a bad combination and one I'm hoping will take me all the way round. I've surrounded myself with a fantastic team - positive, experienced, motivated and up for the challenge.

I've also got out some reading, old and new, to get my mind in the right place.

A Day to Die For is the second Everest book of the holiday from my father in law, I have an increasing respect and fascination with the process and mindset of Everest climbers.

Beyond the Marathon is a great recount of one man's attempt to complete The Grand Slam of American trail running - taking on 4 of the toughest 100 mile trail races in the space of 14 weeks, I've read this before but I'm coming back to it.

Footnotes is new and about, well it's about running but I've not read it yet so can only comment that it's started well and has covered and expanded on thoughts brought to my attention when I read Born to Run - and that's after only a couple of chapters so I'm hopeful it will continue in this vein.

Now I'm off to scare the minions senseless with Jurassic World - it's a 12  certificate but how scary can it really be? :-)

Holiday Reading

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